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jueves, 2 de septiembre de 2010

I had a Dream

I'd a dream by ~andycobain on deviantART

I had a dream...
It was Saturday night and when I woke up, I just remembered this scene that I drew.

But, at that moment, it was terrible to me, 'cause I'd anything to draw it!!!  And I wanted to do it, I needed it!

So, when I came back home, I chose only an ink pen, a grey marker, a glass with water and a 75gr piece of paper and started to draw in it with my poor stuff list! n.n

I realized that I chose that stuffs 'cause I was in a hurry!! The scene started to vanish, so I must be swift.

I know that the paper wasn’t the correct, but as I said before, I only need a piece of paper, any of them…

4 comentarios:

sonoio dijo...

un haiku!!
y un beso

SoLaNgE-scf dijo...

hermosos dibujos.... vi tambien tus remeras, son geniales n____n♥

Cookie dijo...

lindisimo, aunque sea en el papel incorrecto, es lindisimo

andycobain dijo...


Muchisimas gracias!! n.n

Las ganas de dibujar eran inaguantables!!!

Gracias a todos por pasar y comentar! n.n