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sábado, 8 de enero de 2011

Corazon con puas by ~andycobain on deviantART

I drew this piece many years ago. May, 2006… wow!!!! haha! I found it in an old portfolio. It was forgotten till today…
At that time I decided to brake out with my boyfriend, so I started to draw a lot of abstract things (like this heart with scary teeth… barbed wire! XD).
But particularly this one was retouched, 'cause when I saw it again I felt that it wasn't complete. So I added a box with a lil' heart that, to me, it’s the beginning of many things in my life.
Maybe u think that I must draw it again, and I thought about it, but I decided to add only one thing (the box) and leave the rest such as I drew it at that moment. ‘Cause now, I can’t draw it with the same feelings.

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